Frequently Asked Questions

I want to advertise in one of your publications, but I don't have a graphic designer to make an ad. What can I do?

We offer free design services and build many of the ads that you see in our publications! Looking at your website or any other content you have on hand, we can build you a beautiful ad that you will approve before publication. 

How much does an ad in your magazine cost?

The price of an ad varies depending on page preference, and you can get a discount by buying an ad for a longer duration. In other words, more months means cheaper individual ads as a little thank you for your continued business. Fill out our contact form or give us a call to get an exact...
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Can I still get a website built if I don't have much content?

Absolutely! We help you through the website design process, and are even able to help you come up with content that new website visitors would be interested in. Contact us to discuss a contract and find out what people in Saskatchewan are searching for to snag new visitors!

I need business cards printed, but don't have a design made up, what can I do?

Contact us to have a free design made up for your business! We design and print business cards, so everything is taken care of for you, beginning to end.